‘Great’ football isn’t easy to define. It tends to be a well-orchestrated blend of the finest players, the ultimate stadiums, the most tactical managers, fierce competition and nail-biting finishes. Look to any of the world’s premier competitions and you’ll find they all share these set traits. And the best way to honour the greatest competitions is by owning a competition jersey.

Take a look through our range and you’ll find the jerseys to commemorate all the world’s ultimate competitions. Starting with our English Premier League jerseys, you’ll find a jersey to celebrate all the competition’s big moments. From the Arsenal Invincibles of 2003 to the more modern dominance of Chelsea, there’s a jersey to recognise all the competition’s greatest moments.

Many fans would regard the World Cup as the fiercest, most significant football competition. We’ve collated some of the most momentous World Cup Jerseys in our collection, such as the German side that conquered the competition with a brutal style of attack.

Check out our range of signed competition jerseys below.

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