Ronaldinho vs Zidane – Who Is the Greatest Maestro?

ronaldinho vs zidane who is the greatest maestro

Ronaldinho and Zidane are arguably the greatest players of their generation. ‘Zizou’ is without the doubt the most gifted technical football to come out of France and Ronaldinho will always be remembered by his fellow Brazilians due to his samba style of play. Two absolute geniuses of the game but how can they be separated?

These two iconic footballers also have a very similar background despite representing different clubs and countries. Both have won the World Cup and both are attacking minded players who have represented the best two clubs in Spain. Zinedine Zidane was a revelation at Real Madrid whilst Ronaldinho was a star at Barcelona. Zidane has 1 crucial statistic in his favour and that is he has been crowned FIFA Player of the Year on 3 occasions, narrowly beating the 2 awards Ronaldinho has won.

Zidane could make the technically challenged situations look extremely easy and made it look effortless. His goal in the UEFA Champions League final in 2002 was the winning goal against Bayer Leverkusen and it was executed down to a tee. The perfectly struck left foot volley gave Madrid their last ever Champions League title.

ronaldinho the great player of brazil

Ronaldinho was a massive hit with all lovers of the game. He seemed to always play with a smile on his face and his dribbling and skills on the ball bamboozled countless defenders. Even at the age of 34, Ronaldinho is still playing at the highest level in Brazil with Atletico Mineiro. He averaged nearly 1 every 2 games for Barcelona in his 5 year spell with the club which for a midfielder is a remarkable ratio.

zidane france vs brazil 1998

Zidane was capped 108 times for France scoring 31 goals in comparison to Ronaldinho who has made 97 caps for Brazil and netted 33 times. As you can see both very similar and both demonstrate how vital they’ve been to their national teams. The intelligence that Zidane possessed was phenomenal. He seemed to create space on the pitch where there seemed none to exist but Zizou was always capable of the sublime. Ronaldinho could have 5 men around him in the corner of the pitch but somehow he would manage to dribble past all of them and leave the opposition just wondering how he had managed it.

The way Zizou’s career ended was an injustice to the performances he gave in football. Although his head butt merited a red card every day of the week, he deserved to go out in glory and not in misery. This must be his only regret in world football and no doubt if he remained on the pitch France would’ve won the 2006 World Cup and Zidane would’ve been challenging Diego Maradona and Pele as the best footballer ever.

The samba style of play in Brazil is absolutely massive which is what makes Ronaldinho such an icon over there. He made the transition over to Europe and put everyone in awe of his flair and technical grace on the pitch. The former Barcelona playmaker is a player that simply just wants a ball at his feet and he could spend hours on end keeping you entertained.

Ronaldinho vs Zidane – Who is your Pick?

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