Pep Guardiola’s Best ever Barcelona and Bayern Munich combined team


Pep Guardiola is a world class manager. He won the treble in his debut season for Barcelona and almost matched that with current blub Bayern Munich. Pep has redefined he modern game with his tika-taka and emphasis of playing with the ball.

Pep came up against his beloved Barcelona in this year’s Champions League semifinal and the Bavarians ultimately came up short after a string of injuries cost them some of their biggest stars including Robben and Ribery.

This got us thinking, what if Pep could choose his best players from his time at Barcelona and Bayern Munich? The football brains trust at Premier Sports Memorabilia came up with the Pep Guardiola’s Best ever Barcelona and Bayern Munich combined team below. Would anyone be able to stop this dream team?


Manuel Neuer


The German goalkeeper is rated as one of the best in the world and edges Barcelona custodian Victor Valdes because of his international success and reinvention of the goalkeeper position in itself.


Philip Lahm

Lahm continues to be a beacon of professionalism, not only in Germany but around the world too. And in this list, if he were to start as left-back, he would definitely oust Eric Abidal, who was steady if not spectacular for Barca.

Gerard Pique

As a towering centre-back that commanded the box and built play from the back, Pique did well by returning to Barcelona from Manchester United and built up his reputation as one of the finest defenders in the world.

Carlos Puyol

Alongside Pique, Puyol was Barcelona’s roaring lion; a no nonsense defender that took no prisoners. Such was his commitment to the club, that he spent his entire career at the helm and did not depart even at the peak of his powers.

Dani Alves

Flying down the right wing is one of Alves’ trade-mark moves and his rise to success in Europe was marked by the arrival of Guardiola, who not only brought him from Sevilla, but ensured that he thrived at the helm.


Arjen Robben


Robben has always lit up Europe with his spectacular displays and it’s no wonder that most experts would consider him a far better option than Pedro at Barcelona, especially considering that the Dutchman has the ability to turnaround games on his own.


The Spanish playmaker has been hailed by critics and fans alike for his unnerving ability to control the tempo of a game. And despite coming up against tough opponents, he would be a sure-stop starter in a combined Guardiola XI.

Andres Iniesta

Without Iniesta, Barcelona would have never reached the success they are at today. He and Xavi essentially contributed to the dominance of the Spanish side in midfield, therefore resulting in unprecedented silverware.

Franck Ribery

The Jewel of French football would always merit an inclusion despite not being in his prime when working with Guardiola. However, when at his very best, there are few players that can do what Ribery does on the pitch.


Lionel Messi


Messi is one of the game’s all-time greats and considering that he symbolizes the Guardiola era at Barcelona, his name would be the first on this list.

Robert Lewandowski

As a striker, the talented Lewandowski has talent, pace and skill in abundance. His time at Bayern Munich has already seen him notch 16 goals and if he continues to perform at the level he did whilst at Dortmund, there is not telling how high he could soar.

So do you agree with our ultimate Pep Guardiola Barcelona and Bayern Munich hybrid team?

Which players did we miss? Would anyone be able to stop this team? Let us know what you think in the comments section below for your chance to win a $50 Premier Sports Memorabilia gift voucher.

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