8 reasons why Gerrard is the best ever Liverpool player


In a European Football it’s tough to really dub any given player as “the greatest ever”, but when referring to a specific club, there are always a few guys who top the list. In regards to Liverpool FC, one of the most successful English clubs in history, there have been hundreds of players who have come and gone over the last 121 years, but one player stands above them all.

Steven Gerrard, the current Liverpool captain, is the greatest player in the Reds history. No doubt about it. He’s played his entire career for the Reds and has been a major part in Liverpool’s successes over the past 15 years. In honor of Gerrard’s number 8 kit, here are the top 8 reasons why Gerrard is the best player in Liverpool history.

1. Loyalty

It’s one thing to be a great player and help make your club great at some point during your career. But to be considered one of the best in the game and remain faithful to one club for more than 15 years? That’s simply incredible.

2. Premier league dominance

Only 24 players in history have scored 100 times within the confines of an English Premier League match. Gerrard is one of those incredible few, and even more remarkably, he is only the 13th to achieve this feat while playing for a single club.

3. Merseyside Derby

Sure Gerrard has been in Liverpool for a long time, but how has he fared in the Merseyside Derby – one of the biggest matchups in the Premier League – against Everton? Pretty well actually. Gerrard has 8 Derby goals, the most of any current player (and tied for 3rd all-time). In fact, the Reds have only lost 5 Derby matches since Gerrard has been around.

4. Champions League Final 2005

Gerrard scored to push Liverpool into the final stages of the 2005 Champions League tournament, and kick started the incredible second half comeback against AC Milan to help Liverpool win ‘The Miracle of Istanbul’ on penalties. He was also named man of the match in this greatest European Champions League Match of all time.


5. 11 trophies

Gerrard has been played for Liverpool for almost two decades, and has made the most of his time there. Gerrard has helped the Reds win 11 trophies during his tenure including a Champions League title, UEFA Cup, League Cup and two FA Cups.


6. Awards, awards and more awards

Not only has the man won plenty of matches and tournaments, but Gerrard has also won some of the biggest awards in soccer. He’s won personal awards and has also been named to several team-of-the-year lists.

7. Captaincy

It’s one thing to play for a single club your entire career, but to be captain as well? That says something. Liverpool has named Gerrard their captain for more than 400 (!) matches, proving his value to the club and his tremendous leadership qualities.


8. Ultimate goal-scorer

Gerrard is the only man to have scored in a Champions League, UEFA Cup, FA Cup and League Cup finals – that says it all, doesn’t it?


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