10 reasons why el classico is the best game in the world – Barcelona vs Real Madrid


Rivalry: one of the most beloved and loathed word in all of sports. The matchup between two clubs who know each other all too well, playing in a match with much greater depth than the 90-minute clash on that particular night.

When it comes to rivalries in sport, not many are more exciting than ‘El Clasico’ between Spanish La Liga clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid. No matter what the Clasico matchup is a huge event in world soccer and doesn’t disappoint very often. Here are 10 reasons why El Clasico is the best football game in the world.

1. The history

Real Madrid and Barcelona have been battling each other since 1929. That’s a LONG time. Since then there have been 225 official matches between them, with Real Madrid having won 90 times.


2. Messi vs. Ronaldo

The two best players in the world playing against each other in one of the biggest matchups of all time? Yeah, it doesn’t get much better than that.


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3. The arrival of Neymar

Barcelona has had one of the best rosters in La Liga for a long time now, and with the arrival of Neymar this season, they are even stronger. Neymar is the biggest rising star in football and is detined to be one of the best ever Barcelona players.


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4. The arrival of Bale

And speaking of new arrivals, how about Real Madrid’s addition of the most expensive player of all time Gareth Bale? Bale is an excellent partner for Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and has some wicked goal-scoring talent. Who would’ve thought that both Barca and Madrid could get even stronger this season?


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5. Amazing supporting casts

Besides for the top names like Bale and Neymar, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have incredible supporting casts – and have had them for years. The Clasico isn’t just a great rivalry match, but it has also featured two of the best teams in soccer for decades. Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Valdes, Pique, Casillas, Isco, Ramos, Benzema, Modric, the list of quality players is endless.

6. Copa del Rey

Not only do Barcelona and Real Madrid meet every season in the La Liga, but they also clash in the annual Spanish cup known as the Copa del Rey. These matches add an extra knock-out dimension to the El Clasico, bringing even more excitement and suspense. Barcelona leads the Copa del Rey Clasico matches 14-11.

7. Champions League

In addition to the Copa del Rey, Barcelona and Real Madrid have met within the confines of the Champions League tournament. Considering they are both two of the best teams in the world, a Champions League meeting is almost inevitable. Real Madrid has won 3 Champions League matches against Barcelona (who have won twice) and they have drawn 3 times.

8. The table

There’s the Copa del Rey, and Champions League, but the majority of El Clasico matchups come when both clubs are fighting for the La Liga title. Each match has historical meaning, but also means 3 points in the overall Spanish table.

9. La Liga might is currently the best league in the world

Speaking of La Liga, there are many soccer fans who believe it is the currently the strongest league in the world and the most fiercely competitive. That’s due to Barcelona and Real Madrid’s talent as well as a number of other very strong clubs. Each match of the El Clasico is exciting given the state of La Liga at that particular time.

10. Simply great football

When it all comes down to it, Barcelona vs. Real Madrid has not disappointed in almost a century of incredible matches. These two clubs are immensely strong and talented and always provide a fantastic football spectacle. What more could you ask for in a match?

So who do you support?

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