10 Biggest ‘Beasts’ in the Premier League


BEAST. A tough tackling, powerful player who is often a cult figure and fan favourite. Opposition players shiver at the thought of going in for a 50/50 challenge with them. Here is Premier Sports Memorabilia’s list of the top 10 BEASTS in the Premier League;

1 – Sandro – Tottenham Hotspur


A hard working midfielder who gives other players the freedom to attack more, has gained the respect and admiration of the fans. He can just as effectively tackle, protect the defense and play the ball forward and by the way he conducts himself on the field you can see that he is a natural leader.

2 – Negredo – Manchester City


Powerful, strong and tall, he is an instinctive goalscorer with a magnificent and commanding technical ability that matches the outstanding physical approach of his style of play. He is a modern striker with a complete body structure that allows him to impose himself on the field and through defenses and score goals.

3- Yaya Toure – Manchester City

Probably the best box-to-box midfielder in the world, he can use his size, power, speed and strength to recover the ball and impose himself into creating and finalizing goal scoring chances. A calm, collected player who never seems intimidated by anything, that knows how to spread the ball around the field and that can just as easily score goals.

4 – Ivanovic – Chelsea

Having quickly emerged as a world class player since he joined his current club, the defender’s versatility and consistency, both on the defensive and offensive side of the ball, have made him a valuable asset to the team. Although he usually doesn’t stand out from the rest, his physical presence and style of play offer a great amount of stability to the team.

5 – Benteke – Aston Villa

An extremely powerful forward not only because of his size and strength, but also because of his mobility and skill. He is one of those rare strikers with terrific instincts and physically very strong both on the offense and on the defense. With a good jumping and outstanding aerial abilities, he can be very dangerous in set pieces.

6 – Kompany – Manchester City


The natural leader of his team, he commands the troops with confidence, enthusiasm and determination. Very strong physically and with an impressive presence on the field, he is extremely effective on the ground and has excellent aerial skills. He is almost insurmountable when he is on the top of his form.

7 – Fellaini – Manchester United

Very tall and extremely strong, his most valuable assets are probably his calm and his ability to read and understand the game. With outstanding aerial abilities, he recovers lots of balls on the defense and launches quick attacks that most of the times result in a goal scoring opportunity. He likes to design the style of play of his team and can frequently score goals.

8 – Lukaku – Everton


Still very young, he is the kind of “old school” striker that we now rarely see. His skill-set is based on his physical strength, aerial presence and his quickness, and even though he is not technically gifted, the way he places himself on the field, not only is extremely rare for a player of his age, but helps him create and score lots of goals.

9 – Vertonghen – Tottenham Hotspur

Physically impressive and very tall he is one of those defenders that makes it almost impossible to get past him. He is very vocal and feels comfortable assuming the role of the leader. He likes to carry the ball from the defense all the way to the offense and create goal scoring chances. With tremendous aerial power, he can easily score goals from set pieces.

10 – Gerrard – Liverpool


Football history will describe him as one of the best midfielders of modern football. He is a true natural leader, and his calm and ability to read and interpret the game are vital for the success of his team. His long range passes and his physical availability to help his team, both defensively and offensively, during the whole game are nowadays very rare to find.

So who do you think is the biggest BEAST in the Premier League?

Did we leave anyone off the list? Sound off in the comments section below for your chance to win a $50 Premier Sports Memorabilia gift voucher.

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