15 Pirlo quotes that will change the way you think about football

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Andrea Pirlo is L’Architetto (The Architect). A true Italian maestro, this deep lying midfielder and free kick specialist has enjoyed a remarkable late career resurgence and has achieved a cult-like status among football fans worldwide.

Pirlo recently released his acclaimed autobiography ‘I think therefore I play’. From this magical book, here are 15 Pirlo quotes that will change the way you think about football.


I don’t give a toss about pressure. I spent afternoon sleeping and playing PlayStation. Then I went out and won the World Cup.

This pretty much sums the mentality of Pirlo up and that he never seemed pressure in any reputable match and saw the PlayStation as a great way to relax prior to games.


Being part of a team that belongs to everyone makes me feel good. A lot of the time, it’s better than sex: it lasts longer and if it falls flat, it can’t just be your fault…Much better to be a soldier on the pitch than in the bedroom.

He is emphasising just how meaningful the game is to him and evidently showing how much of a team player he is.


A ticking time bomb of a madman.

This was his assessment of former team mate, Zlatan Ibrahimovic who he appreciated very highly as a footballer but also a player that played with fire in his belly.


Hodgson mispronounced my name. He called me “Pirla” (a term used in Milan dialect which roughly translates as “dickhead”), perhaps understanding my true nature more than the other managers.

Under his time managed by Roy Hodgson, he often mistook Andrea’s name for Pirla. The Italian clearly saw the funny side which is another example of his laid back personality.


I thought about quitting because, after Istanbul, nothing made sense any more. The 2005 Champions League final simply suffocated me.

The dramatic nature of AC Milan’s loss to Liverpool in the final was a defeat that Pirlo still can’t get over to this day such was the magnitude over the way it occurred.


It’s nothing but masturbation for conditioning coaches.

Pirlo’s perception of pre match warm ups for conditioning coaches is interesting to say the least!


After the wheel, the PlayStation is the best invention of all time. And ever since it’s existed, I’ve been Barcelona, apart from a brief spell way back at the start when I’d go Milan. I can’t say with any certainty how many virtual matches I’ve played over the last few years but, roughly speaking, it must be at least four times the number of real ones.

The PlayStation was obviously a great release for Pirlo from the real game itself. Proved in the amount of games he has fulfilled on the console.


You could see the red mist coming down and he just wasn’t able to hide it. We could tell what was coming and so we’d commandeer all the knives. Gattuso would grab a fork and try to stick it in us. Some of us ended up missing games because of one of Rino’s fork attacks, even if the official explanation from the club was one of muscle fatigue.

He enjoyed a great friendship with GennaroGattuso from his times at AC Milan and on international duty. However, it sometimes bordered on crazy!


He’d look at the ball and not know what it was for. They’d programmed him to stop me. His devotion to the task was almost touching. Even though he was a famous player, he consented to being used as a guard dog.

His opinion on Park Ji-Sung after Sir Alex Ferguson deployed him to follow Andrea’s every movement on the pitch to restrict his authority on the game.


Take someone like Antonio Cassano. He says he’s slept with 700 women in his time, but he doesn’t get picked for Italy anymore. Deep down, can he really be happy? I certainly wouldn’t be.

His assessment of Cassano is unique to say the least. A player with a lot of ability was not selected for either of the 2006/2010 World Cup squads which Pirlo believes was down to his behaviour off the field.


I’m a bit of a wandering gypsy on the pitch. A midfielder continually on the lookout for an unspoilt corner where I can move freely just for a moment, without suffocating markers or randy Maltese guys sticking to me like shadows.

A ‘wandering gypsy’ which was taken to more by Juventus than AC Milan who saw the potential of having a deep lying playmaker strolling around.


I strike dead balls alla Pirlo. Each shot bears my name and they’re all my children. They look like one another without being twins, even if they do boast the same South American twins.

One of his best skills is striking a dead ball and is just short of scoring 50 goals from free kicks for club and country. He takes great pride from the amount of time he spends practicing free kicks and believes he knows the exact formula to strike the perfect free kick.


If I look in the mirror when I get up, or before going to bed at night, I see a man of average ugliness. With stubble, an unruly mane of hair, a squint nose, slightly protruding, ears and bags under my eyes. But I also see a man who’s completely happy with the figure staring back at him.

Andrea understanding he wasn’t born to be a leading model, but understands that as a footballer he can be very satisfied with the career he’s endured and he’s completely happy with his life.


We also need Mario Balotelli. I’m not sure he really appreciates it yet, but he’s a special kind of medicine, an antidote to the potentially lethal poison of the racists you find in Italian grounds.

Has a fond opinion of Mario Balotelli and believes he is a personality that benefits the Italian national side. A very unique character who needs to be supported.


To most people’s minds, the reason we lost on penalties was Jerzy Dudek – that jackass of a dancer who took the mickey out of us by swaying about on his line and then rubbed salt into the wound by saving our spot kicks.

His conclusion on why AC Milan lost that 2005 Champions League final.

What did you think of the 15 best quotes from Pirlo’s career?

Did we miss any? Is Pirlo a football genius, or as Roy Hodgson said, a bit of a dickhead? Let us know what you think in the comments section below for your chance to win a $50 Premier Sports Memorabilia gift voucher.

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