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Memories and memorabilia, that’s all we have at the moment. Although I’m sure you’ll be heartened to know that the various Leagues around the world are discussing how they can get games underway again. Of course it’s different in each country, and in some cases depends on where they are in relation to the fight against Covid-19.

In Germany, the Bundesliga will be the first major League to resume, with a starting date later this month and teams currently in training. Already though 10 players have tested positive to the virus, which could delay the process. LaLiga in Spain is looking to resume in mid-June and the players were back training this week. Italy are also taking tentative steps with a late June start forecast for Serie A.

Belgium, Netherlands and France have already decided not to finish this season.

The Premier League in England though are still undecided about whether the season will resume or be cancelled. Many different scenarios have been floated, including playing the games at 8 neutral venues, flying them all to Western Australia to complete the games, reducing the duration of each half, or a playoff system to decide the contentious issues. Relegation and promotion in England of course is a big money spinner, so all options will be debated by clubs likely to be affected. Whatever the decision you can be sure legal action will be the result.

Liverpool fans are of course pressing for the season to resume so they can finally be crowned champions, while those battling at the opposite end of the table will do everything in their power to wipe the slate clean.

The other certainty is that games will be played in empty stadiums, with most predicting this won’t change this year.

Non-sports related, a number of people in different countries are doing it tough at the moment and we wanted you to know that we are supporting initiatives to ensure the world is a safer place.
We trust all our clients and supporters remain healthy and get through the inconveniences to their daily life.
As part of our support we have recently donated some signed jerseys to organisations to hopefully give hope and cheer to some of their supporters. We are happy to donate another, in this case a signed Everton team jersey from 2018, to someone who can use it as a prize to generate funds for a worthy purpose. Just get in contact with us if you know a charity or club that could benefit in this regard.

I also wanted to remind you that it’s business as usual here. You may have friends and family with birthdays or celebrations coming up, so keep us in mind as the perfect present to lift their spirits. We have some new stock just arrived, such as a Diego Maradona signed Argentina jersey, which are always snapped up quickly.. Paul Pogba’s fans will be delighted with his signed France jersey, while Italian and German fans always love their national teams iconic World Cup victories of years past.

Don’t forget to contact us if there’s anything in particular you’re keen to acquire and we can try to source it for you.
Stay safe and smile.

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