10 Things you didn’t know about the English Premier League

know about the english premier league

It may be the most famous football league in the world, but here at Premier Sports Memorabilia we have racked our brains to find 10 Things you didn’t know about the English Premier League.

1- It may be called the English Premier League but 10% of the players in it are French! French players are the most common foreigners currently found at Premier League clubs with 35 players signed to clubs in the top flight. Oooh la laaaa!

hugo lloris tottenham

2- The youngest player to play in the English Premier League is Fulham’s Matthew Briggs. At 16 years and 65 days he made his debut vs Middlesbrough in 2007. He is still on Fulham’s books but hasn’t featured in the league since.

3- The EPL is the most watched league in the world with an estimated 643m people worldwide regularly tuning in to watch their team. That’s one in ten people on the planet.

4- The average player in the EPL earns nearly £1.5m per year – not bad if you are an aging but reliable back-up goal-keeper who primary function is to keep the bench warm.

5- Only 6 teams have ever won the EPL. Can you name them? Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Leicester Cityand Blackburn Rovers.

6- There was only one player in the Premier League who played in all seasons since it’s inauguration in 1992. Welsh wizard winger Ryan Giggs who retired in 2014.

ryan giggs manchester united 1999

7- No English Manager has ever won the English Premier League.

8- The only Premier League side to ever be docked points was Portsmouth. Twice in fact – once in 2009/10 and then again in 2012/13. Both times for financial mismanagement.

9- Emile Heskey has scored more goals in the EPL than Christiano Ronaldo.

emile heskey liverpool

10- Manchester City have the largest pitch in the EPL at 8932 sq.yards. That’s 1232 sq.yards bigger than the leagues smallest at Dean Court (A.F.C. Bournemouth).

Did you learn something new about the English Premier League?

Is the Premier League your favourite football competition? What obscure facts did we miss? Let us know what you think in the comments section below for your chance to win a $50 Premier Sports Memorabilia gift voucher.


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