10 little known Lionel Messi facts

lionel messi one of the great player in world

What more can we say about the best football player of all time Lionel Messi? He has won everything there is to win (at club level) and he has redefined the definition of a modern footballer. For all you Messi nerds out there, here are 10 little known Lionel Messi facts.

1. He is the only player to win the BallonD’or four times

lionel messi ballon d’or

The Argentine has cemented his place amongst the greatest after lifting the Ballon D’Or four times. And considering that players such as Johan Cruyff are the ones with three, Messi truly is one of the game’s greats.

2. His paternal family is from Italy

Although born and bred in Argentina, Leo’s ancestors originally migrated from Italy to Argentina and his far-reaching roots are from the Italian peninsula.

3. He is La Liga’s all-time top scorer

TelmoZarra had held the top scorer record in the Spanish La Liga since 1955 but Leo Messi finally broke that barrier with his 253rd strike in Spain’s top division. And considering the amount of talent that the League has seen over the years, this is truly one of his greatest achievements. What’s more is that he can still add to his tally.

4. He has a son named Thiago

Leo is also proud father and with his girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo, is now raising his son Thiago.

5. Leo is a devout Catholic

lionel messi pope francis

Messi is also very religious belonging to the Catholic faith. He has also met Pope Francis, who himself is a football fan and called for more success on the pitch.

6. He has a net worth of $180 million

With his extremely lucrative salary and endorsement deals, Leo Messi is firmly racked up as one of the richest sportsmen in the world and his total wealth is a clear reflection of that status.

7. Messi loves MilanesaNapolitana

Despite being one of the richest footballers on the planet, Messi has humble tastes and reportedly loves his favourite dish; MilanesaNapolitana, which is essentially a Schnitzel specific to Argentina.

8. He could have played for Spain

After gaining natural citizenship of the Iberian nation, there were calls for Messi to don the Spanish jersey, but staying true to his heritage, he chose to represent Argentina and is currently captaining the side.

9. He and Bojan are distant cousins

lionel messi bojan are distant cousins

A major surprise, but according to an investigation by Diari Segre, Ramon Perez Llobera, who was Messi’s great-grandfather was also the brother of Goncal, who is Bojan’s great-grandfather.

10. His favourite player is Pablo Aimar

Despite being an idol to millions across the globe, Messi himself is a big admirer of the Argentine legend.

Did you already know these 10 little known Lionel Messi facts?

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