10 most hated football clubs in England

john terry &diego costa are great footballer

There is nothing more the passionate football fan loves more than to moan. It would take a lot of circumstances for us to blame our own club for certain results so our attention turns towards hatred to the opposition. Unfortunately with the success titles bring, this can also draw more fans to become jealous of the clubs triumphs.

#10 – Newcastle United

Mike Ashley and France springs to mind. The owner is hated among many at his own club due to selling the squads best players (Carroll and Cabaye) and never replacing them. However, when Newcastle do purchase players it seems they have to be French spoken? They currently have 9 players of French descent on their books.

#9 – Stoke City

Football is a results business. Albeit in contrasting styles as Arsene Wenger would like to point out. Stoke City it’s fair to say are on the physical side and would most likely make the transition from football to rugby the easiest out of the 20 teams. It seems a punt forward to the heads of Peter Crouch or Jonathan Walters is the best method…and the only.

#8 – Arsenal

arsenal fans

Despite playing tika-taka football, the lack of English talent coming through the ranks at Arsenal is despised by many. Kieran Gibbs is the only player who they have produced with Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain bought from Southampton. The progression from the academy to the senior side at Arsenal is non-existent.

#7 – West Ham

The club is based in East London and the reputation of the place unfortunately proceeds them. Their rivalry with fierce rivals, Millwall, has brought both clubs to shame with their fans behaviour and fellow English clubs believe they’re putting the country to shame with their antics off the pitch.

#6 – Millwall

The hooligans associated with the club have brought a vast amount of shame. The BBC described their behaviour against Birmingham City in the 2002 play off as one of the worst cases of civil disorder in the past, let alone in football. Their rivalry with West Ham has also put the club in very bad light.

#5 – Leeds United

It seems Leeds are one of those clubs that are still living in the last and bringing up their success stories as far back as the 90s. Not much to cheer about now as they languish in the second tier of English football. Most recently suffering a 6-0 defeat to Sheffield Wednesday, how times have changed.

#4 – Liverpool

Liverpool are another one of the teams that bring up the successes of the 80s when the likes of Graeme Souness and Kenny Dalglish were playing. There is nothing worse for a football fan than to hear someone reflect on the past. It also happens that one of worlds most hated footballers plays for the club, racist and man eater, Luis Suarez.

#3 – Chelsea

chelsea one of the great team of epl

Roman Abrahmovic’s arrival has a major influence. The way he spends money out of fashion and sacks managers for fun isn’t particularly well thought of. It seems he demands instant success and if not, Cheerio! This wielding of the axe turns people up the wrong way and did I mention that Ashley Cole and John Terry play for the club?

#2 – Manchester City

manchester city founded in england

They say money doesn’t bring you happiness but in City’s case it has. Hundreds of millions spent by the Abu Dhabi based owners and in comes a FA cup trophy and a Premier league title. It seems Sheikh Mansoor has no interest in saving his pennies and will throw his notes to get the player his club crave.

#1 – Manchester United

manchester united that competed very well in epl

England’s most successful club was always bound to bring unprecedented hatred by many. Jealously is a horrible characteristic but Sir Alex Fergusons 26 year spell at the club brought countless honours. Some big names have also represented United who have been controversial, Eric Cantona, Roy Keane and Gary Neville to name just a few. The fans also like to remind everyone that even when the tables are turned, they still get behind their team.


Who is your most hated club in England?

At least everyone is happy that Leicester won the Premier League 🙂
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